Richard Hollant
Precious Little Moments + other studies

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I don’t think of myself as a photographer. Not really. I’ve directed a lot of photographers and they invariably bring something to a project that I simply lack the training to bring. I record images and I live and work with them until they have meaning to me—until I am indebted to them. That’s what I do. I’ve exhibited a few times so far. The first show was part of a collective to fundraise for the Arts in Hartford. The show was called 8×8 (8 pieces by 8 image makers—they were photographers. I am often grouped with photographers). Beyond that first show at 8×8, the two shows that stand out for me are a curated international show of digital art pioneers, and my first solo show at Theaterworks Gallery in Hartford. I think I’m ready to exhibit more frequently because today I think I know what my work is about. All inquiries are appreciated and will be earnestly considered.

Selected Exhibitions: As I start exhibiting more frequently, I’ll fill out this section of gallery shows and significant patrons/acquisitions.

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